Safeguarding Trust

Each week many children use our premises and it is our duty and legal responsibility to ensure that they are protected from any kind of abuse and also to promote their general safety and welfare. Our children’s ministry is only possible because of the commitment of our leaders and they need the safeguard of guidelines which help them feel confident that their practices are good and that they are protected from unfounded allegations. Safeguarding Trust provides such assurances for children and leaders in All Saints and it is a public statement of our church’s concern for the care and protection of children and leaders.

Every three years a parish undergoes an evaluation of how well it is implementing Safeguarding Trust – does the parish display notices giving the names of the parish panel; are parishioners aware of the role of the panel? Records of attendance, consent forms, an incident/accident book are monitored by the panel members who are also responsible for the documentation regarding recruitment of new leaders.

The role of the panel members is a very onerous one and we are very grateful that our panel members are experienced educationalists with a sound knowledge of child protection procedures. Safeguarding Trust is not something to be feared, rather, it helps us set high standards of care for our children and our leaders.

If you have any queries regarding these issues you may contact

Safeguarding Trust

Ven Dr Stephen McBride
 028 9446 2186

Hazel Dalton 
 028 9446 4796

Dr Brian Ford
 028 9446 2378